Posted on: April 24, 2008 2:26 pm
Edited on: April 24, 2008 2:45 pm

NHL Playoffs: Detroit vs Colorado

Round 2 Begins Tonight

What can be said of this series that hasn't been said already? About rekindling the "old rivalry."

The history of these two teams made the NHL "must see" television in the late '90's. Sure, maybe there's no Lemieux (Turtle) or Roy, but there's still enough players on both teams that should hopefully make this another classic.

With a few days off for the teams to heal their bangs and bruises, they should be ready to go at a frantic pace. Neither team has any serious injuries to report. My biggest concern here is Brad Stuart going back to LA to be with his wife who is expected to deliver. I'm thinking he could have planned that a little better. I'm sure he thought he'd still be with the Kings and he'd already be on vacation, but c'mon man...It's the playoffs

That being said, the Red Wings should be alright on defense as long as Kronwall stays healthy. The Avalanche has their power play unit going real well in the first round. The Minnesota Wild are a good team...Detroit is an excellent team.

My only other real concern is Detroit's power play. Holmstrom needs to do what he does best (park in front of the net) and we should get some good rebounds.

There has been countless words of the "bad blood " between these two teams, it will hard to live up to hype...but I think it will.

Go Wings Go!

This just in Stuart's wife had a bouncing baby boy...he'll practice with the team Friday and play in Saturday's matinee.

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