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Red Wings Collapse


     Who wants to be the conference's #1 seed?  Anyone, anyone at all.  The recent play of both the Detoit Red Wings and the San Jose Sharks say, "Nah, you go ahead and take the top spot. "

     At this point, I don't care; really.  The playoffs are approaching - quickly .  Sure there are some banged up bodies; it's March (of course there is!)  and the defensive lapses we have seen thus far are a reason for concern.

      The offense looks good -Great at times,  27% on the power play is hard to stop, but how many goals are we going to allow?  They come from every possible way:  Lack of tenacity, poor decisions with  the puck, poor decisions without the puck, goaltending, inopertune penalties. . . You name it.

      The last two Saturday games the Wings just didn't show up.  Tonight against Calgary they just plain let up.  This can't happen over and over or it's going to be a very short post season.

Yell Babs, Fix this thing, now!

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Posted on: December 29, 2008 10:58 pm

Red Wings Struggle

The story of a Stanley Cup Champion.  A difficult road of a team with a bullseye squarely on its back.

Suspect goaltending, Poor defensive zone commitment are commonplace to the reigning Cup Champs.

The most disturbing to me is the Detroit Red Wings could be ( clear throat ) tied with the the Chicago Blackhawks in the Central Division come 4 pm on Jan 1rst. The Winter Classic could be the turning point of the season.  It WILL BE, in my opinion, for the better.

The Wings need something to push them. The Hawks' impressive play was admirable until they showed they could actually challenge us. We rose to challenge of the San Jose Sharks (6-0) need I remind anyone? We will rise to this and any that may come our way.

Get Well Soon #5 Nick  ( #1 In My Book!)

Happy New Year to All

Posted on: November 5, 2008 7:35 pm

Red Wings Bye Week???

I like hockey - an awful lot.  Not just the Red Wings, but All teams... O.K. NOT the Avalanche OR Ducks             ...So, when the schedule came out a ways back you can understand my dismay at this weeks Detroit's game's - or should I say - Lack of game's.

I see a game on Sunday and the following Saturday but...  ?

With the Big Red Machine playing atypical on defense this actually looked good for a moment,  time to practice get the Winged Wheel running with the precision that you and I demand and expect.

Then we see that Detroit plays 3 games in 4 nights after the New Jersey Devils.

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Am I  crazy - Don't answer that!

With the long season that the NHL has I do realize that there's bound to be some glitches but c'mon boys!!

I really don't like to b!+ch & moan because this week the Wings will get well.  Just wanted to vent because I want my Red Wings.
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Posted on: October 28, 2008 9:36 pm

Red Wings: West Coast Trip

Decent start to the recent Detroit Red Wings west coast trip.  The first one of the new season. A few observations thus far ...

   1)  Defense. Out of sync. Perfect time to get healthy against the likes of the San Jose Sharks and the the Anaheim Ducks

   2)  Goalie. Ty Conklin has got to play, just not so often. I realize Bab's wanted to get him in but let Ozzie rest in February and March.
   3)  Marion Hossa. What can I say? Looks like the player who we thought he was - Crown his a$$!

Last night the defense was still suspect. Improvement is seriously needed.  The next two games will show us a lot.  One thing that has been reinforced upon me the last two games is our shootout skill.  When one team can put Pavel Datsyuk, Henrik Zetterberg, and Marion Hossa back to back to back ... that my friend's is some scary stuff.
Posted on: October 1, 2008 10:42 pm
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2008-09 NHL Season

As the birth of a new NHL season is set to unfurl, let's take a look at some of the storylines.

Detroit Red Wings
- What can you say about the Big Red Machine?  A totally stacked lineup, reminiscent of the 2002 pre cap All Star team the Wings unveiled on their way to another Stanley Cup ( Yzerman, Fedorov, Hull, Shanahan, Robitaille, Lidstrom, Chelios, Datsyuk...)
The Wings will dominate the Central...Again!  The only hurdles will be the upstart Chicago Blackhawks and those pesky Predators from Nashtown.

Anaheim Ducks -  Big letdown last season.  This team has a lot to prove, perhaps GM's Brian Burke's last before heading to Toronto.  Losing cap casualty, Matthew Schneider will hurt this team come playoff time, but Anaheim has too much talent to being ousted in the first round again.

Dallas Stars -  Gave Detroit the biggest threat last post season.  Has the grit that one needs in the the playoffs ( Brendan Morrow! )  The addtitions that the Stars have made are curious to me.  It appears they are bulking up for a Pacific Division "Cage Match."  That may be a smart move with the amount of games they play.  To me... with fewer division games and only San Jose  and Anaheim to fight, the spots may be better utilized with skill players.  I could be wrong, it is the most physically demanding division in the NHL.

San Jose Sharks -  New coach, same team?  Some additions along the blueline may help this underachieving team.  They remibd me of the early '90's Red Wings- just waiting to breakthrough.  New Coach...New Hope.

Unless catastrophic injuries take their toll ( which is possible ) the Western Conference will boast the 2009 Stanley Cup Champion.  The East has been weak, although getting better.

Teams like the Panthers  Canadiens, Capitals, Penguins, and Flyers are young, and on the rise.  Unfortunately they lack the depth and skill to really compete for it all.  It is great to see them copete against each other- especially that Ovechkin ( he could be real player, huh?)but against the west they appear to be futile.

Any thoughts?

Posted on: July 1, 2008 2:52 pm

Living in L.A.

On my long, long self imposed vacation. I'm in my third week on the left coast. L.A. - Rendondo Beach- to be a little more specific.  I got a nice little routine  going here right now.    Jogging in the morning. Beach. Jogging in the evening. Drink.   I'll have shedded a few pounds by the time I return  -Still have NO idea when I'm heading back to Philly and I am not in any rush. I spend a lot of time in Hermosa Beach as well.

Beautiful Women and their in shape---for the most part.

One would think I would get bored after a few weeks but it's not happening so far.

Today kicks off fee agency in the NHL.  Great to see Detroit Red Wings resigned Brad Stuart...not quite so sure about Andreas Liija. I'd like to see them make a run at Brian Rolston, I think he'd be another great "hometown boy" story like Dallas Drake.

A lot of moves occurring league wide.  Although it's still early.

Kinda hard getting used to this Pacific Time Zone Thing.

The beach is calling.


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NHL Playoffs: Detroit vs Colorado

Round 2 Begins Tonight

What can be said of this series that hasn't been said already? About rekindling the "old rivalry."

The history of these two teams made the NHL "must see" television in the late '90's. Sure, maybe there's no Lemieux (Turtle) or Roy, but there's still enough players on both teams that should hopefully make this another classic.

With a few days off for the teams to heal their bangs and bruises, they should be ready to go at a frantic pace. Neither team has any serious injuries to report. My biggest concern here is Brad Stuart going back to LA to be with his wife who is expected to deliver. I'm thinking he could have planned that a little better. I'm sure he thought he'd still be with the Kings and he'd already be on vacation, but c'mon man...It's the playoffs

That being said, the Red Wings should be alright on defense as long as Kronwall stays healthy. The Avalanche has their power play unit going real well in the first round. The Minnesota Wild are a good team...Detroit is an excellent team.

My only other real concern is Detroit's power play. Holmstrom needs to do what he does best (park in front of the net) and we should get some good rebounds.

There has been countless words of the "bad blood " between these two teams, it will hard to live up to hype...but I think it will.

Go Wings Go!

This just in Stuart's wife had a bouncing baby boy...he'll practice with the team Friday and play in Saturday's matinee.

Posted on: April 13, 2008 8:00 pm

NHL Playoffs 5 Days In: What have We learned?

Eastern Conference

   Montreal / Boston - Just like their play during regular season, The Habs are dominating.  If this series goes 5 games, I'd be                                            surprised.

   Pittsburgh / Ottawa - The Penguino's appeared to have tanked their final game against the Flyer's in order to get this matchup.                                            Usually this backfires, but the Senators still haven't heard the final thud in their endless fall.  Five games                                         would  surprise everyone.
   Wash / Philly - The FlyBoys have contained the The Great 8 extremely well through two games, limiting his time and space.  The                                   physicality of this series won't allow it to be short.   Unless Alexander the Great can find some room, Philly  in                                   six.
   NY / NJ - Devils are coming up real small so far in this one.  Rangers big offseason moves and the Devil's lack of one, appears to be                      paying big dividends for the BlueShirts.  Rangers in Five.

Western Conference

   Detroit / Nashville - Superior teams should beat lesser opponents.  Red Wings in five...tops.

   SJ / Calgary - An absolute war is what we have here.  Doesn't get any better than this.   Seven games...Flames.

   Anaheim / Dallas -  The Ducks defense has never looked worse, but they're not going to go this easy...Stars in six.

   Minn / Col - Next to Sharks and Flames, this also is turning into a classic.  Long series...Brutal.  Av's in seven.
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