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Posted on: February 15, 2008 5:55 pm
Edited on: February 18, 2008 8:00 pm

Hockey: The Sport Of The Underdog

Hockey...I love it. I live and die with each win and loss. My team is the Detroit Red Wings and has been since I started playing Sega around '90. Yzerman Rocked.

I grew up in southern NJ, suburb of Philadelphia. I attending many games of the Flyboys. Nothing better. My parent used to take my friends and I to "the Coliseum" in Voorhees where the Flyers actually practiced. We would spend our (parent's) money logging ice time in the open skate sessions all the time. Getting our skates sharpened at "Skater's Edge," a tiny little pro shop that you had to walk up a seemingly endless flight of stairs to get to. The foundation for what is to come is built in our youth.

I watch hockey. Not just the Wings. Hockey.

The NHL wants to expand their culture. Fine. Ratings say no one watches. Fine with me. I love it and know people that feel the same way. The majority of people think of hockey as a fringe sport. Fine by me. That doesn't affect my pleasure, in fact knowing what others choose to ignore gives me satisfaction. They are the ones missing out.

Go ahead, put a game on...I'll watch with you.
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