Posted on: April 13, 2008 8:00 pm

NHL Playoffs 5 Days In: What have We learned?

Eastern Conference

   Montreal / Boston - Just like their play during regular season, The Habs are dominating.  If this series goes 5 games, I'd be                                            surprised.

   Pittsburgh / Ottawa - The Penguino's appeared to have tanked their final game against the Flyer's in order to get this matchup.                                            Usually this backfires, but the Senators still haven't heard the final thud in their endless fall.  Five games                                         would  surprise everyone.
   Wash / Philly - The FlyBoys have contained the The Great 8 extremely well through two games, limiting his time and space.  The                                   physicality of this series won't allow it to be short.   Unless Alexander the Great can find some room, Philly  in                                   six.
   NY / NJ - Devils are coming up real small so far in this one.  Rangers big offseason moves and the Devil's lack of one, appears to be                      paying big dividends for the BlueShirts.  Rangers in Five.

Western Conference

   Detroit / Nashville - Superior teams should beat lesser opponents.  Red Wings in five...tops.

   SJ / Calgary - An absolute war is what we have here.  Doesn't get any better than this.   Seven games...Flames.

   Anaheim / Dallas -  The Ducks defense has never looked worse, but they're not going to go this easy...Stars in six.

   Minn / Col - Next to Sharks and Flames, this also is turning into a classic.  Long series...Brutal.  Av's in seven.
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