Posted on: October 23, 2011 8:16 pm

Oakland Raiders Implode

Just wanted to take a moment to unload a bit on how I feel about today's game against K.C.

Boller should be cut. Period. An absolute ridiculous show of a backup who "knows" the offense. In hindsight I think Pryor would've been a better start.

The Coach - Didn't stay with the run when Bush was doing it all.  Wasting 1 or 2 downs each and every series on the deep ball.  We could've had 200+ yards on the ground.

I'm pissed.
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Posted on: October 23, 2009 11:56 am

Oakland Raiders

We got the big win last week against the Philadelphia Eagles.  Now it's time to put together an actual winning streak. Imagine that. . .

Oakland fans have suffered for far too long. I am one of the many who has.  As big of a win that was against Philly, for me it was huge since I reside in a suburb of Philadelphia and hear their talk resounding across the radiowaves nonstop. 

This one was special to me so I could hear all the talk excuses for the Eagles loss.  Oakland Raiders win period. Jamarcuss Russell led a team possessed; especially the defense. What can I say there. A complete game.

Gotta leave it there but so many thoughts on the win.

Posted on: August 5, 2009 11:21 pm

Oakland Raiders 2009

In many ways my life through the past 6 years has been empty. No playoffs. With each win, or perhaps more often- a loss, my life has spun deeper and deeper into a black void . Not a pleasant place for me- For any one.

I love the Raiders, their mystique. . .Everything.  And this cold spell brings upon anger and depression that. . .I better stop.

-Go Raiders ...
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Posted on: September 30, 2008 2:35 pm

Oakland Raiders: Angst to Anger!


Lane Kiffin has finally been fired by the Raiders. The team announced Tuesday that Kiffin was released 'for cause.'
Once upon a time ...Pre Super Bowl 2002 - The Oakland Raiders were a team with mystique.  Those days are gone- Long gone my fellow compatriots of the Raider Nation.   With the firing of Lane Kiffin, hope has been lost for this year.  Sure JaMarcus Russell will continue his development into a future All-Pro, but this season, to me is gone.

The constant angst I've felt has left me depressed every Sunday until the optimist in me arose for the next weekend.  No More     Not this year.

Was Kiffin a good coach for the Raiders?  We'll never know but I liked the way the team appeared to be gel'n.  Until the end of the season and a new permanent Head Coach is in place, I'm taking a sabaticle. 

Go Raiders.

Al Davis- What is wrong with you, man?

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Posted on: September 26, 2008 5:49 pm

Raiders Spinning Out Of Control

Another NFL season, another year of Oakland Raider turmoil.  At least this year, for the most part, the turmoil is between the head coach and the "powers that be."

To his credit Lane has done an admirable job in a "no-win" situation.  "No-win" IMO, because he refused to tow the company line.  Al Davis  doesn't respond well to criticism of his team, nor does he react well to someone else's input on personal  ala' Jon Gruden or "The Rat."

Unfortunately, if when Lane is dismissed as the Raiders coach, any continuity that has been achieved will be gone.

It pains me to no end to see My Franchise (Management & Coaches) behaving like teenagers.  When will the madness end?  How long will this insanity continue?  I see more dark days to come from where I'm watching.

How will a coaching change retard JaMarcus Russell and his growth?  Nnamdi Asoughma a franchise player again next year? (Charles Woodson flashback)

As the years progress I got more questions and precious few answers.

Go Raiders.
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Posted on: September 10, 2008 8:28 am

Raiders vs Chiefs

Ok, so the Raiders stumbled got crushed in week one against the hated Denver Broncos.  We committed endless unacceptable penalties. DeAngelo Hall might be the worst Oakland signing since Al Davis overpaid Larry Brown to leave the Dallas Cowboys. But, Hey...It's week one.

The defense was abysmal.  Rob Ryan needs to find a way to pressure the QB.

The offense is who we thought they were.  A running team. Let's pound it. The Chiefs can't stop us. On Monday we'll all feel a little bit better. 

Dig deep Raider Nation. We won in Kansas City last year...And we will on Sunday.
Posted on: September 5, 2008 10:00 am

2008 Oakland Raiders

As we the Oakland Raiders embark on the 2008 NFL season, there are many questions facing the Silver and Black.  Many of these questions are need to be successfully answered for the Raiders to continue to improve under second year coach Lane Kiffin.

  1. Stopping the Run - Absolutely necessary in the AFC West
  2. Pass Protection - If JaMarcus Russell is to succeed, he needs some time
  3. Running Game - A dominate run game can go a long way in helping JaRuss as well as keeping the defense fresh
  4. Zach Miller - The only sure catch receiver we have ( even if a Tight end ) and appears to be the Dave Casper or Todd Christensen
  5. Wide Receiver - Someone, Anyone want to step their game up?

The Raiders finally took strides last year under rookie Coach Kiffin.  If he is to be back in 2009 the team must build off of last year with marked improvement.  I don't think Mr Davis will settle for anything less than 8-8.  He spent a lot of money in the off season.  Was it spent wisely well, some perhaps especially Gibril Wilson. But to bring in players to franchise that has been hurting for a few years...you have to over pay them. 

With Monday night looming on the other side of this weekend, I have more hope and expectations than I've had in years.  Down with the Donkeys.

Go Raiders.
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