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Oakland Raiders 2009

In many ways my life through the past 6 years has been empty. No playoffs. With each win, or perhaps more often- a loss, my life has spun deeper and deeper into a black void . Not a pleasant place for me- For any one.

I love the Raiders, their mystique. . .Everything.  And this cold spell brings upon anger and depression that. . .I better stop.

-Go Raiders ...
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Posted on: November 21, 2008 11:48 pm

Red Wings : Pre Holiday Thoughts

DatelineHockeytown  Saturday November 22, 2008

Through 18 games thus far of the 2008-09 Detroit Red Wings schedule, the team from Motown is sitting pretty yet again upon the hill known as the Norris  Central Division.  The past 10 games has brought us a 7-1-2 record with a 4 game winning streak while in the midst of a western Canada road trip.  The only team seriously challenging the Winged Wheel for overall points is the San Jose Sharks.  The New York Rangers may have the most points but they've played many more games than anyone and - they usually pack their bags early.   So. here are my findings so far...

 1) Power Play - 34.2%  (Are you kidding me)  The next best team is the St Louis Blues coming in at 24%
 2) Penalty Kill - 81.6%  Middle of the pack here...the problem I see here is not with any one player- It's the quantity  Stop the Stupid penalties! 3) Goaltending -  No real problem here. see number 4.
 4) Defense - Having trouble holding a lead.  I'd rather not get down on the defense players individually ( except Lilja ) since we employ a team                               defense with forwards playing an integral part. >Back to basics ... Smart play before the pretty play.

Around The League


  1)  The Dallas Stars at the bottom of the conference  league!  How does that happen?  With Morrow just now going down with a torn ACL,        things might not improve as quickly as Dallas likes or needs.

  2)  Los Angeles Kings -  Third in their division and 11th in the western conference.  Way to go...Seriously.

  3)  Martin Brodeur  - No Big time goalie for the New Jersey Devils may mean Big Time problems for the boys from Newark.  This opens up the Atlantic Division which is not good for the Devils.

                                                                                        A Happy Holiday Season For All

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2008-09 NHL Season

As the birth of a new NHL season is set to unfurl, let's take a look at some of the storylines.

Detroit Red Wings
- What can you say about the Big Red Machine?  A totally stacked lineup, reminiscent of the 2002 pre cap All Star team the Wings unveiled on their way to another Stanley Cup ( Yzerman, Fedorov, Hull, Shanahan, Robitaille, Lidstrom, Chelios, Datsyuk...)
The Wings will dominate the Central...Again!  The only hurdles will be the upstart Chicago Blackhawks and those pesky Predators from Nashtown.

Anaheim Ducks -  Big letdown last season.  This team has a lot to prove, perhaps GM's Brian Burke's last before heading to Toronto.  Losing cap casualty, Matthew Schneider will hurt this team come playoff time, but Anaheim has too much talent to being ousted in the first round again.

Dallas Stars -  Gave Detroit the biggest threat last post season.  Has the grit that one needs in the the playoffs ( Brendan Morrow! )  The addtitions that the Stars have made are curious to me.  It appears they are bulking up for a Pacific Division "Cage Match."  That may be a smart move with the amount of games they play.  To me... with fewer division games and only San Jose  and Anaheim to fight, the spots may be better utilized with skill players.  I could be wrong, it is the most physically demanding division in the NHL.

San Jose Sharks -  New coach, same team?  Some additions along the blueline may help this underachieving team.  They remibd me of the early '90's Red Wings- just waiting to breakthrough.  New Coach...New Hope.

Unless catastrophic injuries take their toll ( which is possible ) the Western Conference will boast the 2009 Stanley Cup Champion.  The East has been weak, although getting better.

Teams like the Panthers  Canadiens, Capitals, Penguins, and Flyers are young, and on the rise.  Unfortunately they lack the depth and skill to really compete for it all.  It is great to see them copete against each other- especially that Ovechkin ( he could be real player, huh?)but against the west they appear to be futile.

Any thoughts?

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Oakland Raiders: Angst to Anger!


Lane Kiffin has finally been fired by the Raiders. The team announced Tuesday that Kiffin was released 'for cause.'
Once upon a time ...Pre Super Bowl 2002 - The Oakland Raiders were a team with mystique.  Those days are gone- Long gone my fellow compatriots of the Raider Nation.   With the firing of Lane Kiffin, hope has been lost for this year.  Sure JaMarcus Russell will continue his development into a future All-Pro, but this season, to me is gone.

The constant angst I've felt has left me depressed every Sunday until the optimist in me arose for the next weekend.  No More     Not this year.

Was Kiffin a good coach for the Raiders?  We'll never know but I liked the way the team appeared to be gel'n.  Until the end of the season and a new permanent Head Coach is in place, I'm taking a sabaticle. 

Go Raiders.

Al Davis- What is wrong with you, man?

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Look Out Lane Kiffin

To me it appears next Sunday is Lane's last day as the Oakland Raiders head coach.  If Oakland does somehow go into the the bye week with consecutive losses against the Buffalo Bills and the San Diego Chargers I believe Al Davis will fire the young coach. BAD MOVE. In my opinion. 

The team played well in Buffalo. Not well enough, though.  The prevent defense did just that...Again. 

I'd prefer to look at the positives.  I believe th team can get better under Kiifin. I don't ( Does Anyone? ) want to try Again with another offense?  Knapp has to stay.  New offensive blocking for the O-Line  will retard the progress done by many.

I hurt.

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